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Panelist | Bruna Keruzore

Untapped Potential is excited to welcome Bruna Keruzore for our Hybrid Event where we will discuss the perspectives on our varied career journeys. Bruna is an Artisan / Interior Design Consultant, specializing in children’s bedrooms and Nurseries.

After living in a few different cultures, two babies and career transformation (twice), Bruna became an artisan and design consultant of personalized children's bedroom and nursery design experiences.

Becoming a mother was a turning point in her life, Bruna couldn't go back to her previous lifestyle, all the hours in the office, business trips, empty goals. She had to (re)dimension time, values, and expectations not only to adjust to her new role but to create a significant and meaningful life for herself.

Wanting to experience in her professional life the same warmth and simplicity that she found in motherhood, she had to pivot from financial markets, passing through psychology and finally becoming an interior designer specializing in infant’s spaces, all to align this longing for beauty and art, motherhood, and a fulfilling career.

Enfance Design is a present to Bruna, and a gift to moms and families. Mixing all her aesthetic and cultural experiences, her main goal is to celebrate the family’s stories and their heritage with beautiful interior design and craftsmanship.

Connect with and learn more about Bruna. (link)

Always a deep discussion. We expect no less after this stretch of workplace change and women exiting the workforce by the...millions.

Lift UP Mentor Mingle & Panel Discussion

Wednesday, November 17th

7:00pm - 8:30pm

DISTRICT New Haven or virtually via Zoom

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