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“Lift Each Other UP” Mentor Mingle Power Panel Stresses Confidence

Our Lift Each Other UP Mentor Mingle was a great kickoff to the Holiday season! Hearing from the four dynamic women on our Power Panel at unique points in their career journeys was inspirational and relatable.

Confidence, confidence, confidence. We learned confidence remains key to progress. Not only gaining it, but growing it throughout your journey. We project it in many forms, even when we don't realize it. Melinda and Muniba drew from parenting to provide business case scenarios for grad school, while Pat and Kelly worked to redevelop their work jargon on the job. They might have felt in over their heads at first, but as Muniba said, “don’t be fearful,” trust that you will end up where you need and want to be.

We at UP aim to provide that “right stepping stone” for you to get back to work of your caliber, and as Candace says, “everything is figure-out-able.” The soft skills and emotional intelligence you have gained in caregiving, make you a stronger team member and manager. We are seeing that COVID-19 has removed the final objections to remote working, and has opened up caregiving realities and juggles previously hidden from CEOs and road warrior partners.

Post-breakout session, the discussion around the re-examination of the human timeline from Kathleen freed up an expectation of the traditional career arc. Why not re-invent ourselves? That growth mindset and taking a step forward with a class, or a skillUP coffee can set us in motion. As Melinda shared, the excitement around trying something new is what gives her confidence! That same feeling can be applied to a class, a Flexreturn™ engagement, or simply networking in a new way!

Our social enterprise seeks to lift women UP and return them to work of their caliber, through our unique approach. We thank you for sharing your stories and contributing to the collective momentum for gender equity. Amplifying our mission increases opportunities for all!


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