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"An Act Concerning the Disclosure of Salary Ranges"

Connecticut employers will soon be required to disclose wage ranges to employees and job applicants and to ensure male and female employees receive comparable pay for comparable work. Connecticut is taking a lead with this new law.

This is a step in the right direction for the future of equity. What if this were in place when we all started our careers? Would those who have opted-out of their professional careers taken a different path, if they had been paid an equal amount relative to their peers?

The two might not seem related, but they are. From the face of the bill alone, it is clear that females were in fact underpaid. The wage gap concludes that as well. As each dual-income couple decides how they will navigate through the caregiving years, the choice of which parent will opt out may be based on gender, or based on salary.

Finances influence family decisions and what is best for the family is for the parent with the higher salary to remain in the game. If there are systemic pressures keeping women underpaid, there are systemic pressures influencing women to opt-out.

Learn more about this new law that goes into effect October 1st from SHRM.


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