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How can I accelerate the time it takes me to return?

Returning to work after a significant time away can overwhelm even the most together, on point Moms we know. It is hard to know where to begin and where you might fit. That's the whole reason Untapped Potential make this process easier.

Let's navigate it together!

We know you have always had coveted skills for the marketplace and that caregiving has not diminished your unique gifts. You are certainly not any less smart than you were when you first left college and started your career, and now, on top, you know how to communicate and deal with all sorts of people. Project and time management? No problem!

We at Untapped Potential are also Moms and caregivers. We understand all the ways that people who have highly satisfying and financially rewarding careers, have to make changes when the kids or eldercare come along. Whether you are not working in the workplace, under-employed, or hitting the limit of your work/life juggle, we want to help you find the unicorn job that works for you.

We know that women who can fundraise $30k in 3 weeks for the PTA, while running 2 kids to all their activities, and helping Mom make sure her insurance covers her latest medication, are the people we want to work with. So let's help you get to where you want to be.

You'll benefit from the support of peers, mentors and coaches!

Our returner's accelerator workshop was designed to give you, the key tools we know help all returners - in just 3 hours! From our 7 years of doing this work, (this year as CT's Woman-Owned Small Business of the Year!), we have learned a few things. And we'd like to share them with you.

The Returner's Accelerator is just that, the event that will move you into action quicker, with a better sense of confidence.

We'll cover:

  • You: Your Aspirations, and Where You Fit

  • Building and Delivering Your Elevator Pitch

  • Overcoming the GAP - How to create your UP profile, how it overcomes bias, and how to present your community/volunteer work to showcase your skills

  • Interview Tips, how UP's Interviews differ and open up opportunity

  • Mock Interview Practice with a benevolent mentor who will help you if you get stuck and give you constructive feedback in the moment.

Once you sign up, you'll receive directions to prepare you to succeed with our the Accelerated Learning Event.

So don't wait, start your journey now. If you do the work before you "have to get back to work" your search will be much more about discovery and the right stepping stone, and less about taking whatever someone offers.

Once you have gotten really comfortable with all the topics in the accelerator, you'll be ready to discover opportunities, and you'll have the tools to meet them!


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