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Diamonds in the Rough

Excited to be teaming up with John McTighe Founder and CEO of Fairscreen, LLC for our Presentation at SHRM's Annual Convention.

The Tri-State Region's Convention will focus on "Cultivating the Future of Work".

Our topic "Diamonds in the Rough" contributes to the gardening theme, like sowing the seeds, we are mining for jewels.

John is a 20 year veteran of the background screening industry. His new company, Fairscreen, was created to change the industry. It helps employers to change processes to be fairer and more inclusive for those with a criminal record.

Both those that opted out for caregiving and the demographic John serves face undue bias in the job boards and applicant tracking systems. Our goal is to illuminate the value of these demographics (diamonds) for the audience.

Thursday, April 26th


Mohegan Sun



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