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Black women in the movement

King with his wife, Coretta, and his daughter Yolanda in May 1956. Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

We all need to take time to absorb the work of Martin Luther King and the incredible women behind the movement for equity in our society.

On National Public Radio, listen to the teenaged granddaughter of Martin Luther King Jr. speak about the importance of the women in the movement.

[On Coretta Scott King:]"People just think that she was the widow and wife of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. But she was phenomenal, and she actually was the one who got him in the movement. And so I think it's so important to also talk about the Black women in the movement." shared Yolanda Renee King.

Yolanda, at thirteen, is already an inspiring voice carrying Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King's legacy on.

As in all statues of revered figures in our history, women were often left out.

"There would be no King holiday, no civil rights movement, no opportunity to be reflective of how far we’ve come if it wasn’t for scores of women," said Marcia Chatelain, associate professor of history and African American studies at Georgetown University.

If you are home with your children today, expose them to their history.

For an overview to get you started, learn from the Southern Poverty Law Center click here (LINK).


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