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UP Candidate Spotlight: Shannon White

Next Chapter with Shannon White: 'Ready to Play Ball'

If there’s one word that sums up Shannon White’s career journey, it would be “change.”

And if there’s one quality Shannon has consistently brought to that change, it’s “adaptability.”

The Canadian-born mother of two is the Human Resources manager for the Hartford Yard Goats, a minor-league baseball team affiliate of the Colorado Rockies. As such, she manages the employees of Hartford’s new stadium and team home, the 6,000-seat Dunkin’ Donuts park.

Sports have always played a part in Shannon’s story.


Like many women interested in returning to the workforce after time away, Shannon can relate to the specific needs of a “second act” career.

“There needs to be purpose and meaning to their search,” she explains. “They want to take what they learned from their past career, what they gained from being a stay-at-home parent and combine it to do something they feel passionate about.”

Read the full story by Valerie Gordon of Commander-in-She.


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