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How to Lift Up Working Moms- and All Moms are Working Moms

We hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day! We are finding more and more the importance in supporting moms everywhere-at home and in the workplace - because all moms are working moms! On Mother’s Day especially, you likely got more help than usual with dinner, clean up and other practical life chores. Take it while you can get it!

In a timely Forbes opinion article, the question is asked, How can men help mothers in the work life balance limbo?

UP is constantly striving to express and expand the opportunities for moms outside caregiving, and while moms juggle a professional career with raising kids, their male partners, coworkers and peers can recognize and support these moms hard at work. In doing so we can help extinguish the motherhood penalty, and give a boost to women, and thus society!


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