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Untapped partners with Untapped Potential to enhance offerings for women returning to work

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West Hollywood, CA, January 18, 2023—  Untapped, a pioneering recruitment platform striving to make the world more equitable by broadening access to transformative careers, announces a partnership with Untapped Potential Inc., a leader in the return-to-work space.   



Untapped is on a mission to make the world more equitable by broadening access to transformative careers. Our all-in-one recruiting platform helps companies recruit diverse teams confidently and reduce hiring time. Unlock the power of Untapped's shared talent pool of more than 650k searchable profiles complete with self-reported information and create a more inclusive talent pipeline by taking the guesswork out of recruiting. Startups to Fortune 500 companies are using Untapped to source and connect with underrepresented talent, identify hiring bias, enhance employer branding, and measure the ROI of diversity recruiting initiatives.

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Untapped Potential Inc.


Untapped Potential creates a powerful alternative to conventional recruiting methods that advances businesses and reignites careers. We encourage all to re-examine how time spent caring for our next generation is viewed and valued. Untapped Potential’s Flexreturn® services curate talent with in-demand skills proven to advance the business workplace and impact the bottom line.  By removing barriers to entry for caregivers, more often women, and redefining work-life success, Untapped Potential impacts the wage gap and works to overcome statistical motherhood penalty.

Impacting your bottom line...


Untapped Potential captures and readies high caliber talent that opted-out for care giving or other drivers. Engaging UP’s talent is the best way to grow your pipeline for women in senior roles! 


Providing low-risk access to high-value talent that is otherwise in accessible in today's job board systems.

Untapped Potential fuses talent needed for companies to achieve growth." Ted Pizzo, Lockton Corporation