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skillUP | Recap Digital Marketing

Thanks to Carrianne Polo, our Untapped Potential community had an incredible skillUP session on Digital Marketing.

We operate under the mantra that "everything is figure-out-able" -- and Carrianne gave us the confidence to do just that.

The content we covered was so rich...diving into the key elements of a brand and how you begin to formulate a marketing and content strategy that supports it.

We know that in order for a #returner to demonstrate their hard-earned skills are adaptable to what's going on today, they must be able to draw the connections and speak in today's jargon. The ability to engage with experts at this level removes barriers for our valuable talent.

Carrianne delivered a masterclass in digital marketing strategies in a way that ignited curiosity and knowledge. Using real world examples and helping us see how we can adapt them for personal branding as well.

We always like to pair learning with the power of #networking. The event also carried time before and after the presentation for connecting. Special thanks to mentors Amy Schumacher is Slalom and Janet Deneen of ThinkSynergy for being a part of our community.

Thank you again, New Park Creative, for hosting our skillUP event in Digital Marketing. Our community members now have a base to dive into more learning and understand how even non-marketing roles can help affect a company's brand positively.

True to your vision and commitment of lifting others up, our candidates, mentors, and the UNTAPPED POTENTIAL team learned a lot.


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