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Meet our Speaker | Meredith Messenger

Untapped Potential's Return-to-Work week-long Event runs Monday 10/3 - Friday 10/8.

We are excited for the support of Meredith Messenger, CEO and Chief Visionary of InsureGood on Thursday, 10/7, our Banking, Insurance and Finance industry day.

Meredith is the CEO and Chief Visionary of InsureGood, which she started to help deserving entrepreneurs build impactful businesses, improve local communities and provide equal access to business ownership for women and minorities. InsureGood empowers small businesses to build purpose-driven cultures and teams, increase their profits, improve their operations and protect themselves from negative risks with business advisory, tools, and insurance programs. Before InsureGood, Meredith ran a mid-sized insurance agency, provided strategic consulting services to independent agencies across the country and worked with insurance carriers in a variety of leadership and sales roles. She’s fiercely dedicated to women-led businesses, gender equality and leaving the world “a little better” than she found it.

Connect with and learn more about Meredith (link).

Attend the Return-to-work Week for Women - Banking, Finance, and Insurance Day

Thursday, October 7th

10:00am - 11:30am


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