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Panelists for UP's "Lift Each Other UP"

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

UP's 5th Annual 'Lift Each Other Up' event on 11/19 will expose you to experiences women have at different points in their careers. You'll get an opportunity to explore your professional self in an environment of industry professional mentors.

Our 5th Annual Panel highlights women at various points of their Career-Life Cycle! This year's panelists feature:

  • Melinda Castanza - in the 'return-to-work' journey

  • Muniba Masood - launched via Flexerturn™ Engagement

  • Patricia Tourigny - navigated her way to her caliber

Join Us! Bring a friend!

Learn from others who have gone before you.

Lift Each Other UP, a Ladies Night Out (LNO) or Ladies Night "In" rather, Mentor Mingle and Panel Discussion.

Our panel shares the journey of those at various points in the opt-out/opt-in continuum.

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