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Helping Women Rejoin the Workforce

Through the pandemic and prior Untapped Potential has been making a difference helping women rejoin the workforce.

We believe business is missing out on valuable talent. What type of talent? Educated-experienced professionals that opted-out for caregiving (i.e. Moms). Talent you can't see through any job board system. That talent just needs a bit of skilling-UP to return with in-demand skills. Help UP return that talent to its value. Learn how forward-thinking entities benefit.

Our Nation's caregivers have value too. Whether women are currently knee deep in caregiving, in the messy-middle juggling their career and family responsibilities, or ready to return following years of caregiving, they have value. We value the caregiving work this talent pool has done. We know they have grown valuable skills for the marketplace - even if the job board can't see them! We help shine a light on that value for our forward-thinking business clients.

The recent Northington Living article captures a Q&A with Nothington Living Resident, Maina Rice. The discussion reflects on the pre-COVID 19 Event that is an example of how the company engages this talent to help them creep back to their professional caliber. By engaging in professional ways with a supportive environment full of benevolent Mentors (those simply "in-industry" ready to give back) Untapped Potential helps women visualize a future that includes both work and family.

"Even during “gap years” or “caregiving years,” women can participate in Untapped Potential’s networking and skill-building programs to build relationships and remain current on workplace trends, which can make later re-entry easier."Shares Maina Rice

Through the pandemic, Untapped Potential's support has continued with a calendar jam packed with virtual networking, skill UP opportunities and even support for navigating care of family and self. Our community members have been able to look forward to adding their professional potential to today's market needs.


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