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Featured Speaker | Amanda Aronson

Untapped Potential is eager to share that Amanda Aronson will be our Featured Speaker at Lift Each Other UP Mentor Mingle and Panel Discussion. As many of us weave, or sway, in and out of the full-time workforce, our paths often lead to unexpected places. She is well known for Lifting Women UP!

Amanda Aronson is an educator, facilitator, and strategic planner whose work is designed to build strength where it is needed. Through her work as principal of Aronson Consulting, LLC, she offers professional consulting support to organizations, schools, and small businesses, and personal development support to women.

Amanda’s career began full time in the nonprofit and education sectors and pivoted to consulting when she began a family and life required more flexibility. During those years, she took on short and long-term projects, at times joining teams full time to help operationalize strategic initiatives. She also deepened her community engagement through board work, and supported her husband as they built an emergency management firm and prepared it for sale years later.

The stress of those years took its toll, however, and Amanda took a professional hiatus to focus on her health. She began her recovery from substance abuse, a topic which she writes and talks about freely, and found her way to unexpected places in the worlds of art and politics.

Now over 7.5 years sober and with a strong foundation for her health, Amanda has discovered how to align her professional and personal passions with her needs and the needs of her family, and her consulting work has evolved to include ways to help support women who wish to do the same.

Connect with and learn more about Amanda. (link)

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Lift UP Mentor Mingle & Panel Discussion

Wednesday, November 17th

7:00pm - 8:30pm

DISTRICT New Haven or virtually via Zoom


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