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Exciting Book Collaboration

Honored to support Camille Miller, MBA, Ph.D. and Best-Selling Author in her 3-Book Series focused on aligning your passion with your business!

So many great perspectives in the book titled The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Successful Soul Professional® now live on Amazon!

At UNTAPPED POTENTIAL we focus first and foremost on our Candidates' core skills and true passions when supporting them in relaunching their 2nd-stage career. Here is a whole book with stories and advice on the topic! As a collaborator, UP Founder, Candace Founder was able to share her journey of entrepreneurship and her story of aligning her passion with her business! Chapter 14, Launching Untapped Potential, A Passion for Equality

Each collaborator shares not only their story but their key strategy or tips and tricks so that those considering a re-launch, pivot, or path of entrepreneurship can glean something from those that are thriving with the alignment of their work with their passion as what is termed a 'soul professional'.

YOU can be part of the excitement! How?

Cheer us on as part of our book launch team! You can...

✅If you received our advanced reader copy*, please leave us a review!

Here's how...

Click on

or copy and paste in your internet search bar to find and click on the book.

1. scroll to [write a customer review]


help us become a BEST SELLER...

2. [Buy the Kindle e-copy] for $1.99

*Can't find your Advance Reader Copy?

...Search your email for publisher extraordinaire, Brave Healer Productions.

✅ Optional...Register to attend the ZOOM Launch Party to meet the authors.


Friday, July 14th





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