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"Alternative Careers" | Event Recap

Our first hybrid event was a success! Alternative Careers for women kicked off with a welcome from Felicia Rubenstein of Hayvn Co-working in Fairfield. Untapped Potential also used the opportunity to welcome Keely McMullin as our new Regional Growth Director of the Fairfield Region.

The world of work is changing. At Untapped Potential, we want to make sure Moms that have opted out of the workforce are aware of the many alternatives to the 9-5 employee/employer relationship. These opportunities might meet their logistical needs yet keep their skills sharp and ensure they retain their professional stature. Many women seek flexibility and to retain their professional identity through the "juggle" of care giving years. We've gathered key resources to share these opportunities. One of these Alternative Careers just might suit you for your path to return-to-work! You may learn that rather than just look for a job, you can create something new, leverage a business that has already been started or hone in on a craft, consultancy or authorship!

On Entrepreneurship...

According to the latest Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) data on male vs. female entrepreneurs statistics, there has been a rising trend in the female entrepreneurial rate over the last several years. For example, it was 13.6% in 2019, up from 10.7% in 2018. Mastercard reports 16.6% activity rate for female entrepreneurship in 2020.

Female entrepreneur, Prati Kaufman a Global Marketing and Human Energy Expert, shared her experience with creating her own business.

Prati Kaufman started her inspirational talk saying,"I truly believe that all of us can create a life on our own terms, exactly the way we want."

Here are Prati's Five Points to ensure you get what you want on your path to entrepreneurship (may apply to your return-to-work journey more broadly too!)

  1. Love yourself

  2. Write down your non-negotiable in life

  3. Communicate your expectation with your spouse, partner and family

  4. Build your trust muscle

  5. Every day set an intention to make today the best day of life

Prati later said, "You can have it all, on your own terms, you just have to believe in it."

On Financial Advising...

There is significant demand for women to enter the Financial Advising Industry. CNBC reports that in 2021, women make up only 23% of its workforce. Yet, it is a field that may offer flexibility. Debra Abbott Walker, LUTCF, LTCP, Financial Consultant with Equitable Advisors, shared how a couple of things resonated with her, that is "finding a career that you love, and one that is very supported and supportive of working women."

She expressed how big the opportunity is for women in financial advising as she said, "There is a tremendous opportunity for women to enter this business because there's such a need for financial advisors."

Debra later on added, "More and more women are becoming entrepreneurs and they need financial advice. And who will they like to come and talk to? But another terrific women entrepreneur, who's really passionate around financial services."

On Franchising...

Michael Rosen of FranNet elaborated the beauty of franchising.

He said, "Why does franchise work? Because it provides a proven systematic approach to starting and staying in business."

On Consulting...

Are you ready to hang a shingle and share your expertise with valuable clients in your industry? Teresa Dotson, Founder of Nutrition Solutions for Life, did just that! She joined Alternative Careers for Women to describe how she took her expertise and experience to launch a Consultancy in the field of nutrition for companies, schools and individuals.

A Registered Dietician with experience developing health programs combating obesity within the Hospital setting, Teresa saw the growth in the need for such support with a broader population.

Teresa describes how important your network is in establishing your venture. She also reminds that each step you taken will be valued in any future direction your career may take you.

On Freelancing & Authorship...

It was terrific to have Julia Garstecki to close our discussion on flexible careers with tried and true alternatives to the standard 'in office' workplace. As an Freelance Writer and Curriculum Publisher, she shared how life circumstances enabled her to pivot and build a strong career that allows her to spend time doing her grade-school passion: writing. Leveraging her former professional as a Special Education Teacher and trying to meet the needs of her special needs son, she married something in her life that was hard with something that brought her happiness. She had a love for research and writing. She also wanted to share her knowledge with those that would benefit. She discovered how thrilling it was to sell her work! Her passion blossomed. Julia shared the business case of being a Freelance Writer in terms of doing 1 homework assignment and getting 11 "A's" out of it! She was also able to engage her children in her valuable work. It was important for her to have something for herself. Learn more about Julie.

If you would like to access the full recording of the event, check out #Mentor_Mingle_Replays channel our vault

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