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skillUP in Contact Tracing

UP asks you to be the 'Rosie the Rivertor' of our time. Join the Army needed for Contract Tracing.

"The nation needs a sprawling network of contact tracers to track and halt the spread of covid-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. Public health experts estimate that an effective tracking system will require at least 15 tracers per 100,000 Americans — and, in the hardest-hit regions, a workforce twice that size." writes Ben Guarino of the Washington Post.

There is no reason educated-professional experienced women that opted-out for caregiving can't be part of that army. We have an army of Moms!

Just 5/11/2020, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health unveiled a course on the online platform Coursera to teach Americans the fundamentals of contact tracing.

You should REGISTER here to learn for FREE so you can pursue purposeful work ensuring our communities remain safe once the stay-at-home orders are lifted.

Learn more about Contact Tracing, what it is and how it works here (link)

Learn more about the need and funding for the program (link)


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