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Flexreturn™ Program

Advancing Business | Reigniting Careers

Untapped Potential efficiently connects forward-thinking businesses with untapped talent who spent time caregiving. Our Flexreturn™ services provide local professional connections, personalized support and business opportunity for top female talent seeking to achieve work-life success

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Removing Bias for Returners

Our Flexreturn program is an innovative approach to accessing talent for the changing workplace.  Powered by human intelligence, we inspire women to achieve their professional potential with flexible, meaningful careers.  Businesses benefit from the value of their “untapped” and market-ready skills.

What We Offer

Untapped Potential seeks out clients that


  • Pledge to measure Candidates by skills and experience  - not discount time spent caregiving!

  • Understand your need for flexibility and know where you are coming from

  • Value the diversity you can bring to their workplace and want to increase women in senior roles

Direct access to corporate, small business and start-ups...

Find a Mentor, Be a Mentor!


  • Understand your strengths, experience and aspirations.

  • Access to an industry mentor to navigate the newest workplace trends in your particular field.

  • Share your knowledge and experiences with others as a mentor yourself!

Mentor Match

Access to the resources you need to ensure a smooth career re-entry.

  • Career coaching and re-entry support 

  • Live and on-line resources

  • Online training and education needed for engagement 

  • Tools and tactics to manage work and life!

Career Re-Entry Guidance

Returning to work is easy...

Follow these three Steps
Step 1 Explore
Step 2 Apply
Step 3 Launch

Wondering if you are fit for the program?

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