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Return-to-Work Events
What to Expect

There is a seat at the table...
We simply need to open the doors to welcome this talent back in! By participating in our signature Return-to-work Event, you and your company are working towards gender-equality and increasing diversity in the workplace. In speaking with our candidates, you show them that you value the social impact of caregiving work as well as the potential contributions they can make in the business post-caregiving.

The data shows gender diversity in leadership advances business and increase profitability, so let's move together, advancing business, to reignite careers of this sidelined talent pool! Be part of the solution. Let our talent know who you are...
The goal of our Client/Candidate Event is for you to meet with as many candidates as possible in order to get a sense of their core skills and potential target opportunity. The candidates will likewise be assessing where they might fit in your organization. You'll meet in rapid mini sessions of 5-10 minutes. If there is interest, a longer conversation may be set up through Untapped Potential as a follow-up.

Noon    Welcome, Introductions, Industry Comments

12:10     Breakout Rooms (1:1 Meetings with talent)

  1:10     Wrap up, closing remarks 

Our Talent

Often our talent consists of educated-experienced resources that have 5 or more years in their particular profession. They may be pivoting for more flexibility or have a gap from the workforce due to caregiving or other reasons.  We use a high-level  profile which offers a quick view of skills and experience. See  While meeting Candidates, refer to their profile alphabetized by first name. Notice that only years transpired are used in our profile. We ask you to value the candidates skills and experience and not discount them due to caregiving work.


Benevolent Interviewing

Please introduce yourself first. When meeting our talent, please focus on their skills and experience. Please Do NOT dwell on their gap. We encourage our returners to explore new industries, so please be open-minded when one’s prior experience may not align with your industry. Consider how they might skill up? Could they fit elsewhere in your organization or in your network? 

Meeting Format

The format of our event is similar to speed dating. It takes place via zoom and uses the zoom breakout rooms feature to rotate the talent in and out of your room. Once the one to one meeting portion of the event is underway, it is important that you DO NOT leave your room, or the rotation will be off. Expect there may be a pause between interviews. The pause allows time to provide feedback.

Feedback Form

Provide feedback so our candidates can learn from the event, regardless of a specific fit with your organization. Click here in between interview sessions.


Based on your feedback in the Form, we will follow-up.  All follow up communication goes through Untapped Potential.  Resulting engagement follows Untapped Potential's Engagement Model which gives opportunity for our talent at a cost savings to industry.


Thank you!

Thank you for lending your time and talent to furthering the return journey of our participants!

Join forward-thinking leaders:

Nathan Accounting Group
Ankeny Consulting LLC

“Kimberly had right skills for the Robotic Assisted Instruction Specialist role that requires both tech savvy skills and the ability to work with compassion. Weeks into her new role, she appeared in Fast Company! Movia is a small business in the tech sector, Untapped Potential’s ability to supply skilled resources in a flexible way aligns with our growth needs. Based on her performance, we decided to renew the Flexreturn™ Engagement. Since then, we have brought on a

Cohort executing 10 Engatements!

It's and advantage that Untapped Potential ‘vets’ the talent for a good fit.

- Timothy Gifford, CTO, Movia Robotics Inc. -

About Sponsorship...

Pledging is only one way supporting Untapped Potential Inc. re-enforces your brand.  Learn how our Sponsorship opportunities support your entity’s goal of a diverse workforce and return professional women to your human capital pipeline.

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