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WHY Diversity? Preparing for 2021

Join industry professionals discussing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. If you are seeking to return-to-work following caregiving, here is a great opportunity to understand workplace issues at a deeper level. Many organizations are talking about diversity, equity and inclusion these days with a hyper focus on culture change. Why is this so important and why should employers prioritize it?

The DISC (Diversity, Inclusion and Social Collaboration) group of NEAG is proud to present an engaging and lively panel discussion on:

·HOW to improve your understanding of WHAT DEI is and WHY it matters

·HOW each component of DEI intersects and WHY all three are critical to the workplace and society

·What DEI can mean to you and for you

This session’s panelists include NEAG members with years of experience in leadership, HR, communications and DEI.

Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2020

12pm-1pm EST


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