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Pioneering African American Women

February is Black History Month. To ensure the history is not forgotten, Untapped Potential highlights African-American women who have made great strides in business and work.

In 1903, Maggie Lena Walker became both the first African American woman to charter a bank and the first African American woman to serve as a bank president. In 1903!

See her logical perspective on keeping women at home.

"There is neither justice or good common sense in the demand that every women should confine her activites to the domestic duties of the home, regardless of what her inherited gifts and inclination are, than it is sensible to say that every man be a merchant" shared Maggie L. Walker

As we seeking to return-to-work following caregiving, figuring out what your "inherited gifts and inclination are" is an important task.

Her feat of being the first African American woman to charter and preside over a bank which lets money to people, it is surprising because during that time and long after, commercial lending practices kept women from taking out loans without a signature of a man (or a son 16 years of age!) until circa 1985!

Learn more about OUR history! Check out this PBS special "Untladylike2020" highlighting her life.


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