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Lunch & Learn : Flexreturn™ Learnings

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Calling all stay-at-home Moms seeking to return-to-work,

bring your questions for our Flexreturn™ Participants

Hear perspectives of those that launched after being out for over a decade such as Lisa Nollman who returned to paid work in a flexible way through Untapped Potential events and Flexreturn™ application. She is currently Sales Engineer at DACRUZ Manufacturing in Bristol. In her role, Lisa uses manufacturing and product design experience to solve problems and reduce non-value added time to get quality parts to DACRUZ's customers as soon as possible. Hear how she was set up for success in a flexible role, even while contributing as part of the senior leadership team. She'll also talk about how her community work during her "gap" was of particular interest to DACRUZ and helped ensure a cultural fit.

Historically, in our short years, UP has hosted a 'Lunch & Learn' at local venues with our launched Candidates each semester. Due to COVID-19, UP will host this event virtually. You will get an overview about our Flexreturn™ Program.

Don't miss this opportunity to ask your questions to our Flexreturn™ Participants.

What did it feel like to launch virtually during Covid-19? How they benefit from the unique stepping stone Untapped Potential offers. What key steps in the UP process supported them? What did they wish they did before they started their Flexreturn™ Engagement?

Wednesday, July 15th


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