Flexreturn™ Services

 Be ready...

Untapped Potential works with leading professionals to deliver the programs necessary for women to return with the support and confidence necessary for a successful transition. Our Flexreturn™ Services are a ‘high-touch’ process where the interaction from our team of peers may be as beneficial as from our career re-entry experts! 

It is 'work' at your pace. Attend all events or just those that fit your schedule. If you’d like to apply for a Flexreturn™ client opportunity or internship, choose Apply. To benefit from the programmatic and community support of our Flexreturn™ Program become a member. For Career Coaching to give you 1:1 attention beyond the program, Book your appointment. To simply meet others on a professional footing, attend an Event and start networking!

Our services are flexible. Let's navigate this together. You’ll be well prepared for our next Return-to-Work Event. 

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