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Reflecting on events that honor Dr. Martin Luther King, we highlight the tradition at the Wadsworth Atheneum. The downtown Hartford Museum calls the event The Wadsworth Dr. Martin Luther King Community Day. By honoring the goals of the day set aside for community and service, the public has an opportunity to take part in a variety of art projects to honor King's legacy. See more about the celebration that has brought the public together at the museum at Fox61 CT, “MLK Community Day” is a collaboration and celebration".

We highlight this famed Museum as it has supported Untapped Potential's mission in return-to-work for women by attending our signature event and becoming a landing spot for returners. See how Leslie C. launched through a FlexreturnTM Engagement and landed at The Wadsworth Antheneum as their Membership Manager.

This year the event highlights, RISEUP FOR ARTS, a non-profit aimed at creating public art that is inclusive and accessible for anyone. RiseUP for Arts organizes large-scale public art projects throughout their community. Public Art and murals are critical to bringing positivity to a neighborhood and they can change the way people perceive a particular community.

The organization is more than just murals their work engages the community, improves the community and raises visibility for social justice issues. Their program engages youth in positive ways and impacts their development in the "A" of STEM. The goal of the organizaion. Each mural is part of RiseUP's mural tour with a goal to have 39 MLK murals completed by Martin Luther King Day of last year.

What can you do?

If you are wondering how you can serve or engage in community that has real impact following the dream of MLK, consider checking out RiseUP for Arts.

Choose one way to engage and you'll support community, youth development, and the arts. You can share your time and talent, engage with the community simply by attending an event, create a project or hosting an event, or join Untapped Potential Inc. in Donating to the cause.


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