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Initial Inquiry

Want advice on your scenario? You're unique and so is your scenario. Have an initial call with UP's Founder to get another perspective or a sense of direction.                                                         Via phone, 30 minutes duration $35.

Where do I fit? Align my skills and interests to a career...

You’ve done a lot, and you’ve grown both in your personality and your skills since you initially launched your career out of college. Through this on-line questionnaire you’ll gain access to how your skills and interest fit with today’s in-demand roles. Leveraging the well-known Holland Code Test, using Truity on-line service, a valuable report will be generated that will help UP Resources to guide you to your second-stage career.  

                                                                                                      Self-service On-line, 30-45 minutes.  Session Price 19.99 

What's MY path? Need 1:1 support to craft your next career? Ready to pivot?

Often Candidates come to us with these questions. This 1:1 session will focus on you, your path and use inquiry-based techniques to dig deep into what is next on your professional career path. All in a framework of the reality of today’s market needs, skill readiness and short term as well as long term practicality, you’ll walk a way with go-forward plan to set your return-to-work journey in the right direction.


                                                                                                                               Session duration 1 hour. Session price is $150. 

Session Skill Calibration

Using state-of-the-art on-line tools, you can choose from three analysis to see how your interests and skills align with today’s careers.  Hard and soft skills are considered against your preferences.  Beyond helping you narrow your choice of fields to work in, you’ll receive a report of how you work best in a team or organization. The report will be valuable for you Untapped Potential Career Re-Entry Expert in understanding culture fit with UP Pledging Partner Clients.

On-line Analysis Inquiry   Session price:  $19.99

Beyond the UP to represent YOU!

Untapped Potential offers a unique opportunity to get your credentials and experience in front of business clients with our unique non-dated Profile.  Including year duration v. actual dates demonstrates your experience without the bias a gap creates.  After leveraging the peer and mentor review process to create your UP Profile, if you need more polish or wish to convert the work to date to a chronological Resume to go forward with your search, choose this valuable service to get a product you will be proud to share with future employers. 


If you ‘know what you want’, let our Career Re-entry Experts will help you communicate it. (We find they are better bragging about you than you might be!) Based on the complexity of your experience and the pivot you need to make you may benefit from further work either  a. developing and fine tuning your resume, b. your digital profiles or c. your personal brand (Service focuses on one aspect - whichever most needed).  Work with experienced providers that know how to market you using today’s vehicles and to  ‘mind-the-gap’ when representing stay-at-home Moms ready to return to their professional caliber!  Initial discussions will narrow which deliverable is right for you.

                          Session duration 2 hours consultation and independent work as required.   Session Price is $395. 

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Kelley Biskupiak Prepare to Launch U

Susan Reitano Davey Prepare to Launch U


Through our community of support leveraging peers, mentors and our coaches, you’ll craft the right mix of professional and personal/family life integration that works for you.  And likely, much quicker than you will on your own.  We all only go through this life once, let’s navigate it together!

Traci S.

Untapped Potential offers a unique opportunity for women to empower other women.  UP services gave me the strong sense of support I need to begin the next chapter in my life. 

Untapped Potential prepared me for launching my ’second-stage career’. My Career Re-Entry Expert quickly captured who I am.  She articulated my sentences with ease and professionalism. It was as if she had a magic wand to instantly tie my words together..

Maha M.

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