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Flexreturn™ Program
Advancing Business | Reigniting Careers

Removing Bias for Returners
Untapped Potential efficiently connects forward-thinking businesses with untapped talent who spent time caregiving. Our Flexreturn™ services provide local professional connections, personalized support and business opportunity for top female talent seeking to achieve work-life success.  


Our Flexreturn™ program is an innovative approach to accessing talent for the changing workplace.  Powered by human intelligence, we inspire women to achieve their professional potential with flexible, meaningful careers.  Businesses benefit from the value of their “untapped” and market-ready skills.


Untapped Potential creates a powerful alternative to current recruiting methods that accelerates businesses and reignites careers. By redefining work-life success we impact gender equity in the workplace.

Direct access to corporate, small business and start-ups...

Engage in a flexible way!

Mentor Match

Engage with those "in industry"

Career Re-Entry Guidance

skillUP with Ad Hoc coursework for in-demand skills

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