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Meet Our Talented Candidates

Professional headshots courtesy of HotShots by Christine Petit. 

Abbey H

Integrated Communications

Corporate communications leader with expertise delivering integrated communication plans that support corporate transformation and change management initiatives across diverse industries. Translates complex information into engaging content, drives strategic business objectives, and builds synergistic relationships with key stakeholders.

Adrienne J

Account Management | Sales Enablement | Customer Success | Business Development | Training | Marketing

Account Manager who builds meaningful relationships that deepen understanding of client needs and grow revenue. Uses a strength in connecting and communicating clearly to succeed in diverse industries, from highly-regulated financial services to IT and Education. Experience guiding new product launches honed a strength in translating customer needs into product enhancements, ensuring customer success.

Alecia R

User Experience Designer

Customer service professional seeking to pivot to User Experience Design role after completing my Master's in Information Design

Alexandra S.

Program Development / Social Responsibility

Program Director in the field of Sustainable Development with a strong background in internal and external communications. Global professional providing expertise in compliance with Sustainable Development Goals. Experience in compiling the data and research needed to support innovative purpose-driven program development. Skilled in creating successful measures that allow for program monitoring and evaluation.

Alicia P

Creative Content Writer/Producer

Results-focused creative professional with expertise in storytelling, developing content, scriptwriting and supervising all elements of producing short and long-format. Proficient in following projects through from concept to final release. Proven leader with ability to oversee a team and distribute assignments to meet strict deadlines. Thrives independently and collaboratively. Possess critical decision-making strengths with dexterity in interviewing/directing on set and in the field as well as supervising post-production.

Amena I.

Commercial Investment - Finance

Financial Professional with diverse industry experience gained in Asia, USA and UK. Indepth experience in Commercial Investment and Risk Analysis. Widely regarded as a conceptual long-range thinker with an innate ability to immediately assess challenging problems/issues. Implements quick resolution with innovative, independent thinking and by building consensus with stakeholders. Thrives on developing people to excellence.

Andrea H


Seeking a position as a Healthcare Manager with an organization whose goal is to provide a culture of excellence that will positively affect the patient’s experience.

Angela F

Program Development | Project Management | Community Partnership | Health Equity Architect

Nonprofit Program Manager with strong experience in education, health equity program development, and impact. Builds strong community relationships with nonprofits, businesses, and influencers to ensure solutions and success are driven by the communities served. Uses diverse strategies to reach high SVI, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and other under resourced communities. Created a model for mobile clinics serving a highly vaccine hesitant population that was so successful, it was adopted by the Connecticut Department of Public Health.

Anju O

Strategic Partnerships & Business Development

Influential business development executive who builds and connects strategic clients and partners to product innovation and operations, driving double-digit revenue growth. A C-suite consultant, driving strategic priorities, accelerating from launch to scale (10X company growth in 5 years). Leads with energy, optimism and actionable plans of execution which rally the customers, executive management, and downstream teams.

Ann Marie S.

Architectural Designer & Drafter

Talented designer and drafter with experience in a wide range of projects. I enjoy meeting with clients from conceptual design through project completion. Keen eye for space planning, room flow, aesthetics, fixture and furniture layouts.

Ashley A


Dedicated police detective with experience in investigating youth crimes, crime scene processing, community outreach presentations, knowledgeable in criminal law. Liason between Westport Board of Education, DCF, JRB and Juvenile Court. Member of the Norwalk multidisciplinary team and Internet crimes against children Connecticut.

Ashley B


Accounting and Finance professional with diverse industry-specific knowledge that cuts across many sectors: manufacturing, insurance, health, and non-profit. Expertise in Non-Profit Development and Management from extensive board work. Proven success using financial fluency and executive leadership to drive business excellence.

Ashley M.


I am a professional who has spent the past twelve years as an English, Journalism, and Yearbook teacher, with additional experience as a social media manager. I am an ambitious and dedicated individual and offer many skills that can fit in a variety of occupations. In my careers, I have been in charge of developing creative and engaging curriculum components and brand design, providing thorough instruction and communication, managing diverse groups, and annually developing / editing the publication of the school yearbook. I also have strong skills with various technological platforms. I am proficient in Google and Microsoft applications, editing/publishing programs like eDesign / InDesign, editing applications such as Adobe / Canva, and various social media platforms. I consider myself an efficient multi-tasker and a strong problem-solver, exhibiting professionalism in all things I am involved in (whether it be independent or as a team). These are altogether essential skills I would carry over into any job position.

Bessie V

Human Resources

Skilled professional with ten years of experience in human resources, finance, and strategic planning at UTC (now Raytheon). Strong communication, analytical and interpersonal skills. Active civic leader for the past 18 years. Looking to relaunch my professional career in Human Resources.

Beverly L.

Business Systems Analyst

A highly motivated, organized, results-focused business systems analyst with insurance industry experience. Brings a detailed eye to gathering requirements and an understanding of the business objective to ensure systems are built to enhance compliant workflow. Looking to assist with making all customer interactions pleasant and satisfying.

Bevin D.

Brand Marketing & Communications

As an accomplished marketing and communication executive with 20 plus years of experience, I am dedicated to helping companies build the marketing muscle needed to drive impact. With a focus on customer-centricity, talent development, data analysis, and technology adoption, I build, lead, and mentor high-performing teams focused on generating brand affinity, audience engagement, and bottom-line results. Drawing on my deep understanding of customer psychology, I create effective multi-channel brand campaigns yielding tangible business outcomes. Whether repositioning brands, serving as a strategic advisor to C-level executives, or building modern digital ecosystems, I am committed to inspiring creativity, challenging the status quo, and making positive change.

Bharathi S

Electrical Engineering Masters Graduate with Energy Systems Specialization

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Professional with experience in Aerospace at Triumph Group and in Education. Brings a Masters in Energy Systems and experience in the areas of Circuit Design and Test, and Control Systems/Signal Processing applied to energy systems and engine control manufacturing. Proficient problem solver, adept at identifying, analyzing, and creatively resolving challenges. Enjoys being a part of and contributing to collaborative team environments.

Bhavna S

Talent Acquisition, Business Development, Business Partner, Client Management, Public Relations

I have 15 years of experience in Talent Acquisition in diverse industries. I have worked with Fortune 500 companies like Amazon , Deutsche Bank, MetLife Insurance, Cisco Systems , Cree Semiconductor etc.
I have experience leading and mentoring large teams, business development, client relationships, training Hiring Managers , streamlining broken talent management processes.

Bridge L

Team Leadership/ Testing/ Manufacturing

A changemaker with a keen eye towards precision, standards and excellence. From bringing new teams together to pushing continual improvement, my people-centered approach builds value by ensuring products exceed efficiency goals and customer expectations. I am excited to apply my curiosity as well as my broad knowledge set in an operational role.

Bridget B

Communications Training, Learning Experience Developer

I am a Master Facilitator, with both Fortune 500 and University graduate-level experience in teaching and coaching highly engaging blended-learning experiences. An Adult Learning Expert who always adapts to the needs of the learner by drawing upon over 15 years of facilitation and instructional design for both facilitated and e-learning courses. An expert and creative presenter with a unique knack for making the complex simple.

Carla D.

STEM Professional | Ed Tech Writer

Transitioning back into the scientific community in laboratory research roles offering stability, new challenges, and professional growth. Two plus years experience as a biotechnology research associate. Seven years contributing to secondary education. Currently working freelance editing papers for PhDs. Bachelor’s in Biology.

Carmen N

Innovative Nonprofit Management – Connecting Strategic Planning to Impact

Nonprofit professional who bridges equity gaps with deep experience in workforce development, program management, and community engagement. As a connector committed to improving human services offerings, has a holistic knowledge of the private-public partnerships that work together to deliver success.

Chris M.

Project/Program Launch /Management

Project Management Professional able to apply creativity and business skills to launch new products and grow industries.

Christine F.

Director, Marketing

Proven strategic Marketing and Public Relations Director with a history of success and experience creating new strategies and execution plans for organizations ranging from Fortune 500 to non-profits.

Christine M.

Business Analytics - Financial

MBA skilled in performing and presenting financial and managerial analysis. Financial management, Insurance, and auditing experience.

Cindie C.

Graphic Design & Communications

Seasoned graphic design artist with broad communications experience ranging from for-profit companies in New York City to non-profits in the Farmington Valley, CT area.

Claire L.

Corporate Event Coordinator / Sales Support / Training and Leadership

Detail-oriented and highly organized professional leads and drives teams to success. Proven ability to effectively introduce and manage structure, processes, and procedures that greatly enhance the proficiency of a given operation. An asset in business growing customer relationships, in a classroom as a teacher, and in a high-end restaurant chain as a staff training facilitator, executive admin, and event planner. Now, ready to pivot strong interpersonal, communications, and project execution skills toward a new industry.

Clara D.

Graphic Designer / TV producer / Social Media Marketing Content

Graphic designer with an established history of working in the Design Industry. Skilled in Page Layout, Visual Communication, Branding, Corporate Identity, Client Presentations, Social Media Marketing

Colleen B.

Digital Marketing/Project Management/Client Services

Marketing and Project Management Professional with experience in Digital Marketing, Sales, Retirement Plan Implementation. Brings a strength in organization and clear communication skills that clients rely on and appreciate.

Debi J

Internal Communications/Talent Development

Emotionally intelligent communications professional delivering culture-driven solutions throughout an organization to increase employee engagement, facilitate change management and develop high-functioning teams. Leveraging my business acumen, bringing an eye for process improvement, and building an inclusive environment aids my ability to positively influence decision making, create buy-in for organizational change and help employees feel valued and appreciated.

Deborah F

Non Profit Management- Executive Director

Highly motivated, detail oriented, energetic rock star with a focus on relationship building and employee engagement. Excels in purpose-driven environments driving both revenue/fundraising & awareness initiatives.

Denise J.

Operations Manager | Healthcare

Healthcare Operations Director with expertise in employee benefits programs and how clients access healthcare and wellness opportunities. A deep understanding of the cycle of benefits from client enrollment to care, coverage, and claims.

Able to identify root cause issues and improve processes. Working in a union environment and at a healthcare clinic, persuasively influences external and internal stakeholders to reduce waste and eliminate barriers to care access.

Diane D.

Marketing/Communications/Client Service

Seasoned marketing/communicaiton professional with track record of providing superior client service and collaborating with internal/external stakeholders in education, marketing, and financial investment industries.

Diane M.

Database Marketing Analyst

Strategic database analyst who provides actionable insights to support go-to market strategies. A creative problem-solver with deep skill in various database and analytical tools. Leveraging multi-industry experience to help nonprofits acquire, retain and engage community members and donors.

Didi M

Customer Service and Administrative Professional

Sales, customer service and information management professional experienced in streamlining business processes while
delivering high-level service and executing administrative support to realize company goals.

Donna B.

Public Health Education, Administration or Advocacy Professional

Passionate, public health professional experienced in program management, strategic planning, community engagement and community organizing, to create a healthier society.

Donna G.

Digital Designer/ Marketing

Accomplished and highly creative Senior Digital Designer demonstrating superior performance and expert-level skills in the development of branded marketing and communication strategies and compelling designs for digital, social, web, e-commerce, events, presentations, print, packaging and more across service- and product-based B2B and B2C businesses, resellers and institutions available for freelance, remote, part-time or full-time work with a progressive company.

Eileen J.

Economic Development Specialist

Resourceful economic and community development professional. Recognized for delivering desired outcomes by engaging stakeholders, partners, and constituencies. Able to structure public/private collaborations and lead strategic initiatives. Adept at forging mutually-beneficial alliances with funders, government, education, businesses, civic groups, and nonprofits, as a responsive, service-oriented communicator. Skilled in identifying and leveraging opportunities, implementing innovative programs, and advancing institutional mission to serve multi-generational/cultural/socio-economic audiences. Successful record of enhancing business environment in Connecticut communities.

Elizabeth D.

Sales + Marketing Strategist

Respected team leader and charismatic strategist with an unquestionable work ethic and knack for streamlining successes. Highly passionate and data-driven with a broad skill set honed over 15 years of strategic leadership, business development, marketing strategy, professional coaching, tactical implementation, process, and productivity improvement. Big picture visionary naturally gifted at distilling complex growth initiatives into actionable plans with measurable results.

Ellen S.

Support Engineer / Information Technology

I am a process-oriented IT professional who translates, trouble-shoots, and resolves client tech support issues with excellent customer service.

Francelia S.

Marketing Content Writer / Managing Editor

Marketing professional with experience in content development and management, with strong writing and editorial skills curated from working with educators, publishers, and corporations in web content development, book and magazine publishing, and training materials development capacities.

Heather C

Sales Operations | Sales Enablement

B2B Sales Operations professional who finds and implements the best tech and process solutions for sales team success. Skilled at bridging sales and marketing silos by providing the system's data needed to optimize and accelerate prospect engagement.

Supports the team training and builds out useful contact strategies to nurture the funnel. Dedicated to client service, revamped the onboarding process for consultants with clear communication and a highly-utilized FAQ guide. Eliminated sales team pain points with outbound touchpoints and shared best practices by implementing two new platforms.

Heike S.

Art Publishing Operations/Sales and Non- Profit Administration

I am a dynamic international art publishing operations/sales executive and experienced non-profit administrator. Strong interpersonal cross-cultural communication has led to success as a negotiator and a strong sales record in the art industry. I have proven myself to be self-motivated and highly adaptable. Focused on a mission and able to mobilize partners and donors has been a hallmark of my time in the non-profit world. Coupled with a strong competency in educational programming for people with disabilities provides me with a unique perspective in any environment.

Irina Z.

Software Specialist

Seasoned Software Specialist with a diverse skill set that includes AWS, Linux, Java/Spring, Networking, MongoDB, Oracle, MySQL, Python, Git/GitHub, Maven, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform. Proven track record of hands-on experience in crafting secure, high-performing, cost-effective, and scalable systems utilizing AWS services. Proficient in applying industry best practices as outlined by the AWS Well-Architected Framework and Cloud Adoption Framework.

Irina Z.

Software Specialist

Seasoned Software Specialist with a diverse skill set that includes AWS, Linux, Java/Spring, Networking, MongoDB, Oracle, MySQL, Python, Git/GitHub, Maven, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform. Proven track record of hands-on experience in crafting secure, high-performing, cost-effective, and scalable systems utilizing AWS services. Proficient in applying industry best practices as outlined by the AWS Well-Architected Framework and Cloud Adoption Framework.

Irmie S.

IT Support/Project Management

IT professional at a creative design agency. Currently focused on the administration of client-facing web applications and services, such as: B2B websites, workflow solutions, and digital asset management sites. In addition, manages web development projects.

As an adaptable technology-leaning creative, uses diverse skills to bridge the translation gap between right-brained creatives, process-oriented IT, and client service objectives.

Jaime K.

Administration/Training/Customer Service

An award-winning, high-level administrative and training professional with comprehensive customer support and management expertise. Strong leadership, communication, time management, and communication skills. Excellent ability to resolve issues and learn new tech platforms. Experience training end users of wide-ranging abilities on tech tools.

Jamain N


Motivated professional with experience in operations, recruiting, talent development, community building, and executive administration. Highly proficient, organized, and innovative in bringing efficiency, employee engagement and retention. A highly-motivated employee with a desire to take on new challenges. Strong worth ethic, adaptability, and exceptional interpersonal skills. Adept at working effectively unsupervised and quickly mastering new skills.

Jan R

Sales/Marketing/Account Manager

Enthusiastic, experienced marketing and sales professional with background in healthcare sales,negotiating,and business development. Accomplished engagement leadership and management of large-scale projects and territory account maintenance. Effective oral and written communication skills necessary for fostering collaborative stakeholder relationships at all levels, motivated to solve problems and improve customer satisfaction, and represent the brand.

Jane W.

Marketing & Business Development

As a self-starter, strategic thinker, and can-do team player, I thrive in new environments where I can learn and make a difference. I bring an acute attention to detail and strong organization and communication skills to my work. With an inclusive mindset and a diverse background to draw upon - from a decade in the corporate and non-profit health care sector building networks and expanding patient access, to designing programming, marketing, events and campaigns for community organizations and small business - I’m truly happiest in creative, connected spaces bringing new ideas to life while working with individuals who care about people and their quality of work.

Janet K.

Marketing/Sales/Program Management

Marketing and sales leader with program management expertise and progressive leadership experience in the employee benefits, long term care, health care and investment industries. Highly successful at growing revenues by leveraging opportunities to reinvigorate brands, launch new initiatives and generate marketing buzz. Extensive professional and personal experience in meeting the long-term care health care and caregiving needs of seniors. A fervent believer in "being in community with others" as an essential element of well being, I want to help guide seniors and their families to life plan communities where they can be actively engaged and have access to quality medical care as necessary.

Janice G.

Digital Marketing - Strategic, Social Media, Branding, Management

Accomplished marketing professional with expertise in digital strategy, marketing campaigns, and digital branding. Develops campaigns that increase engagement, brand-value proposition, and awareness. Able to identify opportunities by gathering insights and measuring effectiveness to develop change strategies. Multimedia background allows for a holistic approach for cross-channel marketing strategies and easy implementation through the funnels of the organization.

Jeannette D.

Small Business Advisor | Digital Marketing/PR Specialist

Social Media and PR Maven and Creator of Opportunity for entrepreneurial, nonprofit, and restaurant sectors. Deep business background that is leveraged for strategic development plans, social marketing and B2B engagement ideas. Forges deep community partnerships on behalf of burgeoning clients.

Jenn L.

Organizational Development & Learning

Organizational Development and Learning Professional successfully leading key strategic initiatives, developing and delivering employee learning & development training & education. Focus on developing meaningful partnerships with leaders, key stakeholders, and colleagues to influence, empower, motivate, and guide learners to reach learning goals and organizational objectives.

Jennifer C.B.

Marketing Impact and Client Services Professional

Compassionate Client service professional. Communication has always been my strength, so I lend that to others to help them share their business mission and objectives in a compelling way.

Jennifer D

Sales, Administration | Real Estate

Energetic professional with experience in fields ranging from retail, education to real estate environments. Strong communication skills and attention to detail.

Jennifer M

Marketing/ Project Management/ Real Estate Professional

I am a seasoned marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in sales, marketing, and management across various industries such as tech, consulting, and real estate. I am skilled in project management, marketing, and business development and am committed to fostering strong relationships, meeting deadlines, prioritizing customer needs, and collaborating effectively with teams. I am goal-driven and highly motivated and have built a reputation for consistently exceeding goals.

My professional experience includes working as a Senior Sales Executive for Luxury Residential properties at The Matays Group at Corcoran Group Real Estate in New York City. In this role, I developed a multi-million dollar luxury real estate sales portfolio by building strong client relationships. I was also a member of the Corcoran Multi-Million Dollar Club, with personal sales consistently between $10 million and $25 million annually. I implemented highly successful marketing strategies and sales plans for 50+ individual and distinct properties.

As Director of Client Services at Varsity Entertainment, I identified new client opportunities, nurtured existing business relationships, created business development strategies in partnership with the executive team, developed client pitches, presentations, and marketing collateral, and managed leads for entertainment and media client accounts.

As a Senior Account Executive at EY, I managed accounts and developed sales for Fortune 500 accounts, motivating client teams across diverse industries. I consistently exceeded my $2.5 million annual revenue and sales goals.

Additionally, as a Business Development Manager at RMI Solutions, I ensured the evolution of custom online systems in line with requirements, developed new business, marketing strategy, and marketing materials, and also consistently exceeded sales goals.

I began my career as an eCommerce Manager at pioneering mountain sports e-retailer, where I was instrumental in developing's online store during a critical growth period of digital retailing, taking sales from $100,000 to $5 million in annual revenue. I managed vendor relationships and developed systems to merchandise and manage inventory, including with key partners like The North Face, Mountain Hardwear, and Gregory, many of which were making their entry into online retailing. I also supported the $30 million dollar acquisition of by Quokka Sports.

Jennifer W.

Program Administrator/Recruiter/Workforce Development

Results-driven professional proudly offering over ten years’ experience coordinating and developing programs, recruiting, and training. Known for fostering and maintaining positive relationships.

Jenny A.

Community Organizer/Activist

After Certified Sustainable Building Advisor coursework, pivoted from film production to a sustainability consulting firm and its online community, Proactive and dedicated to community, finds ways to integrate a green perspective while serving on the Canton Conservation Commission and the Democratic Town Committee. Able to navigate and create allies within local government structures for win-win scenarios. Helped to spearhead a large-scale community planting project called Collinsville Pollen Trail, recently honored by the Town of Canton.

Jessica B.

Educator / Trainer

I am a professional passionate about technology, sports, and lifelong learning. I currently share these passions with my elementary aged students. In my classroom, students use technology to create, problem solve, share and build relationships. I emphasize creation over consumption. I have organized, improved resources and assisted in decision making processes for my district's Educational Technology department.

Through independent research and social media presence, I have gained a tremendous amount of resources to enhance our curriculum in which I share with my colleagues weekly. I have provided professional development both formally and informally for many educators on a variety of technology applications. I have also created videos to showcase whole school events for parents and community members to appreciate.

I am seeking opportunities where I can share my enthusiasm, expertise, and passion for technology applications.

Jessica Ca.

Project and Event Management, Office Administration

Meticulous Operations Professional leveraging Communications and Project Management skills to deliver Marketing materials and customer success. Tech-savvy with an eye on improving process for smooth workflow.

Jessica Co.

Project Manager | Capital Budget Planning and Analysis | Strategist | Operations and Implementation Specialist | Government Relations

Finance and operations professional with a diverse industry background in Healthcare, Finance, and Non-Profits. Over six years of experience in strategic and capital budget planning and project management. An avid learner with strong analytical and communication skills and an innate problem solving ability for dealing with complex and challenging issues.

Jessica Cu.

Product Management/Usability & User Research

I am an IT professional with experience in product management, usability/user research, and digital marketing. I bring a unique perspective to product teams, blending my background in usability with my business experience as a product owner with P&L responsibility. An analytical thinker by nature, I offer a metrics-driven approach to optimizing conversion rates and meeting business goals.

Jimi B

Office Administration & Management | HR Assistant

Office management professional with client service skills from ten years in Human Services. Ability to problem solve in the moment and identify and document client needs. Diverse experience in nonprofit, corporate, and start-up settings. Pivoting from case management to administrative work.

Jing W

Finance Manager

Finance leader with 15+ years of experience in managing FP&A, reporting, Accounting, controls at both Fortune 50 multinational conglomerates as well as technology startups.

Judy T.

Program Manager/Vendor Management

Health Insurance Manager, who directs and drives new business, cultivates client loyalty, and delivers revenue through physician, provider and vendor networks. Deep expertise in provider relations and building the relationships that create a robust network. At ease with operational execution, ensuring compliance with contracts and an agile ability to find the root cause of atypical performance before it negatively affects revenue.

Julia D

Author / Educator

I am an experienced author and educator with an emphasis on special needs families. My freelance writing offers a unique perspective that utilizes my teaching experiences.



Organized, results-oriented, individual with a consistent and successful track record of coordinating and managing multiple projects, making effective business decisions, and working with cross-functional business partners. Strong communicator, both verbal
and written, with strong copywriting, editing, and proofreading skills.

Kaity B

Business Process Optimization Lead

Enthusiastic Business Process Optimization Lead, poised to drive team success through diligent work, meticulous attention to detail, and exceptional organizational prowess. Eager to contribute extensive skills in relationship building, project planning and management, effective communication, team collaboration, and multitasking in a fast-paced environment. Demonstrated ability to lead system and process implementations, optimize and standardize processes, and effectively liaise with stakeholders for timely and impactful solutions. Motivated to continually learn, grow, and excel in the field of business process optimization.

Kathleen Q.A.

Strategic Marketing / Advisor

Marketing strategist with experience in education, healthcare, and entrepreneurial sectors. Leads cross-functional teams to deliver the strategic planning needed to launch new products, strategic marketing, and organizational change. Board experience.

Keely M.

Nonprofit Leadership & Social Change Agent

Leader in building environments for communities to thrive, leveraging existing resources and developing partnerships to holistically address critical social, educational, and health issues. Expert in needs analysis, root-cause problem solving, & creative advancement innovation.

Kelly J

Real Estate/Municipality/Administrative

I am an adaptable office professional with experience in a variety of industries from real estate to city government and insurance. I like to be well rounded and develop skills in many areas even earning the "Office Tech Champ" role at my real estate office. The common thread in all of my work, is a customer service bent, as I am a people person and love connecting with others.

Kipling G.


Energetic Marketing, Communications and Media Specialist with experience managing commercial accounts, retail operations and overall client relations. Passionate about improving communications for clients. Experienced entrepreneur with an expertise in connection and engagement that drives awareness, passionate loyalty, and business growth.

Krishna S

Data Analyst/Test Engineer

I am an IT professional with a focus on data analysis and test engineering in healthcare. I leverage my strong track record of confirming data accuracy, optimizing systems to better Healthcare solutions. I am passionate about learning new technologies and applying them in real-world scenarios.

Kristen F

Marketing & PR

Creative thinker and seasoned media specialist with diverse experience in Marketing and Public Relations. Co-Founder of INGroup Creative, a boutique Marketing, PR and Business Strategy company and Co-Owner of Eat IN Connecticut, a social network for CT's food & drink enthusiasts, helping to grow its following to more than 30,000.

Laura M.

Advertising Sales | Client Relationship Management

Experienced sales professional for Movia Robotics and NBC Advertising Sales. Exceptional customer service and organizational skills in a dynamic environment.

Leeane M

Natural Resources

I have farming, environmental education, forestry, river steward and teaching experience.

Lisa G.

Administrative & Operations Professional | Legal Assistant

Dedicated office manager and legal support professional with a strong love of numbers and bankruptcy law expertise. Deep experience includes real estate purchases and sales experience. Proven track record of managing small building financials, maintenance, accounting records, and payroll. As an office manager, provides everything from bankruptcy trustee admin support to staff supervision, billing and collecting account receivables.

Liz B.

Marketing/ Public Relations

A highly-motivated and detail-oriented professional with exceptional communication skills (verbal and written) from a Masters in Public Relations and deep experience building entrepreneurial ventures. Honed excellent interpersonal skills in managing and teaching clients in wellness training work. Known for a strength in creativity and connecting with people to inspire them into action.

Maggie B

Household Manager

Recruiting and Customer Service Professional who has a great creative energy and can adapt to roles quickly and easily.

Margaret K.

People/Human Resources

Seasoned HR professional with family owned, public and private companies, and most recently technology start-up.My colleagues highlight my ability to work with staff from the shop floor to the C-suite

Marien Z

Business Professional and Scientist

Business professional and scientist with experience in industry, academia and entrepreneurship. An award winning innovator and public speaker, she brings a strong drive and program management experien

Marin R.

Research, Engineering Professional

Research Scientist, Programming/Data Science Professional with a degree in physics and experience in neuroscience and astrophysics. Ready to apply analytical skills to current business challenges.

Marinka N

Data & Analytics, Transformations, Change managdment & Business Development

Helping leaders and companies understand how to capture and transform their data to better server their clients, increase the effectiveness and efficiency and quality of their products & services, operations, communication and delivery.

Mark M.

Program and People Management | TV Production

Media Production Professional with strong skills in project delivery and people management. Experience working in fast paced environment for brands such as Inside Edition, The Gayle King Show and Judge Mills Lane.

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