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Flexreturn, Maternity Match, Project Work

Join our team of talented professionals in a flexible work assignment, a FlexreturnTM 


  • Role matched to you, leveraging your education and expertise.

  • Short-term commitment and Flexibility you need.

  • Extra cash today! And, higher earning potential tomorrow!

Mentor Match

Find a Mentor, Be a Mentor!


  • Understand your strengths, experience and aspirations.

  • Belong to a unique group of peers that will support you.

  • Access to an industry mentor to navigate the newest workplace trends.

  • Share your knowledge and experiences with others as a mentor yourself.

Access to the resources you need to ensure a smooth career re-entry.


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Access our talent pool as part of a structured Flexreturn (Flexible Mid-Career Internship) program.


  • Skilled professionals matched to your business need.

  • Set Duration of 12-24 weeks, flexible hours (~20 hrs/week). (FlexreturnTM, Full or Ramp Options)

  • Low-risk access to hiqh-quality talent at a great price!

Maternity Match

A unique program designed to support you and your employees.


  • Seasoned professionals provide support during maternity leave.

  • Businesses offer flexible leave/return options to retain employees long term.

  • Employees remain engaged and return on terms that work for both of you.

Project Work

Get your project done right, for a fraction of consulting fees!


  • Expertise in Marketing, Sales, IT, Finance, Legal and more.

  • Helping you capture new growth, meet a surge in workload, or alleviate overextended existing employees.

  • Untapped Potential Inc. curates, vetts and readies top-female talent ready to add value in a flexible way for your business need.

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