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WorkUP | UP Profile & Today's Resume

Join us for Untapped Potential's one-hour workshop covering your UP Profile creation, complete with today's modern resume and LinkedIN tips.

Writing your resume after a career break can be daunting! This is especially true if you haven't touched it since Times New Roman was the preferred font! Did you know if you use that font now, it's a dead giveaway that your resume is dated? Making that one easy fix, a font edit, actually changes how your resume is perceived. Of course, you want the content to be strong as well.

There is a TON of advice out there for how to create a good resume, and as you start to read through it, you will likely find conflicting advice. Or you'll see advice that does not apply to you nor your unique situation of returning o your professional caliber following caregiving.

But how do you know what advice to take? This kind of confusion can sidetrack or delay even a normally resourceful person (YOU!! A professional with a degree and great experience to highlight. That individual that the workforce really needs today!). While there is no perfect resume "recipe," there are definitely some key things we've learned that work better than others for our returners.

Join this FREE event. the 2nd in our Summer workUP Series. The series is designed to get practical tips to guide you through all of that confusion. You'll also walk away with our comprehensive LinkedIn Tips Guide, a great reference whenever you need it.

This is for YOU if you:

✅fear your resume looks old and dated

✅want a second set of eyes, an actual human, to give feedback on your resume

✅need some motivation to pull out your resume and polish it!

With over seven years of helping women return to work and careers that support their ambitions, goals, and financial independence, we have seen what helps and what to avoid.

Some of the concerns we work through with our UP community regularly are:

  • How do I age-proof my resume when my experience is older?

  • How can I show competency in my industry when I haven't worked in it recently?

  • What do I put in my profile summary if I want to work in something different than my previous career?

  • How do I tie the different things I've done into one cohesive story so I don't look like I'm all over the place?

We'll cover all those and these main subjects:

  • Creation of your UP Profile

  • How it relates to your resume and how it fights bias with a few key differences!

  • When and how to present community or unpaid work in a way that people will give it the value it deserves.

  • Untapped Potential LinkedIn hacks to effectively add "currency" to your LinkedIn profile and how to start your networking from a place of comfort, our UP community!

You don't have to have a resume, nor have dipped your toe in the water on LinkedIn, to join us. Just come knowing we'll help tackle this necessary evil and de-mystify some of the best tactics to help you "be seen."

Thursday, July 13th, 2023




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