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Women in cyber | We missed it!

Recognizing Women Pioneers in Cyber: Hedy Lamarr, inventor, dubbed "the mother of wifi", her secret communication system impacts the secure communication YOU benefit from today.

Photo credit: Invention & Technology Magazine.

So much to unpack here. I fell upon this and the facts are awe inspiring. Not that a woman invented a most useful piece of Cyber Security Technology that we use today. Not that she did in ...1942.

but, that...

it took nearly 50 years for her to be recognized for the value of the invention

I don't believe she was compensated for it

she was more well publicized for her film career although she had a history of inventing!

Why couldn't both strengths co-exist? Why didn't we, girls growing up, learn about examples of women in STEM?

When I sat through Connecticut Women of Innovation Awards Ceremony, the women represented were making such impact, doing tremendous things in science like curing specific cancers, impacting aerospace technology and advancing medical apparatus, I thought - this should be as celebrated as the Oscars - red carpet and all!

Otherwise, we may miss it!


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