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UP hosted at Global Diversity Network

The annual festival for all those invested in Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in the workplace. Gain ideas, tools & resources to implement Equality, Diversity & Inclusion within your own organization, and practical strategies to bring about lasting change.

The event has leading speakers on Inclusion, Diversity and Equity sharing practical steps towards equal pay, racial equality, gender equality, improved mental health and wellbeing, religious freedom, unconscious bias, equal opportunity, social mobility, fairer recruitment, disability and accessibility, neurodiversity, D&I training, learning and development tools…

This global event hosts Untapped Potential's Relauncher's Lounge with digital material about return to work on highlighting the business case for return to workers for HR and DEI Resources.

Learn more and take advantage of these two workshops hosted by Untapped Potential Inc.


"Return-to-work Networking Event"

Wednesday, October 20th


Discuss the business case for return to workers for HR and DEI Resources. A Networking Event, for HR people and return-to-workers to meet. Leading professional can learn more return-to-work movement, trends and successes. Join peers from United States and UK to compare notes on this important topic.


"Community Coffee for Returners"

Thursday, October 21st


A Networking Event for those in their return journey can share their professional aspirations HR and DEI Professionals can meet returners serve as a benevolent ear, providing feedback and advice.



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