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The first long weekend with no school gave many of us precious time with our friends and loved ones to celebrate our uniquely American traditions. Quality time with those who matter--and fireworks--spark ideas.

After the last year...there is a bit of carpe diem in the air. We all have a new-found

respect for what truly matters. Caregivers aren't so invisible. Finding a paid job with flexibility feels more possible.

How do we return to paid work in a job that sees our possibilities, not our gap?

UP Advisory Board member, lawyer, and mentor extraordinaire Maina Rice answers the question in this Northington Living article. She shares how UP helps women create lives with family AND professional satisfaction--not just on 3 day weekends!

Maina hosted one of our last in-person events before we shifted online during the pandemic. In the article she recounts the inspirational contributions of our speakers that night. Mary Lou Cobb, Founder of the Cobb School and Eldercare Innovator and Monica Buchanan, Director of Communications and Media Relations at Connecticut Children's Medical Center showed our returners what's possible. Generous mentors from all industries sharing time and space with returners creates a special energy that supports the journey and cheers on success.

My favorite quote from Maina, "I would like to assure parents that you never lose the core skills for success--your ability to think analytically and willingness to learn....character traits I find myself constantly trying to improve as a parent are also critical for team environments."

Spark a change, find your pivot or next career. SkillUP, connect, and move forward with UP toward your professional goals. Why not now?


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