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Return-to-work Week for Women!

UP has been in the Return-to-work movement since 2015! Given COVID-19, we are making every effort to ensure top-female talent can engage in their return journey - while social distancing.

Join our Return-to-work Week for Women!

Candidates: Learn industries welcoming to returning talent and meet companies 1:1!

Our signature event brings Top Female Talent and Business Leaders together to understand how your skills and experience can fit into their workforce needs.

It’s a win-win!

UP is hosting a Week of Opportunity to engage Talent with Industry. Connect, interview, and engage with thriving CT industries:

Week of October 5th-9th

Tune in @10am each day:

MONDAY | BioTech, Healthcare, and Pharma

TUESDAY | Mfg, Aerospace and Clean Energy Industry

WEDNESDAY | IT, Data Analytics and CyberSecurity*

THURSDAY | Banking, Insurance and the Financial Sector*

FRIDAY | Women-owned, Small Business and Non-profits

*Remote opportunities available.

Register for the kick off event on Oct. 5th here.

Or any day that peaks your interest.


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