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Resolve Your Limiting Beliefs, Reignite Your Career | Speaker Suzanne McColl

Kick off 2024 with the UP community in our first Mentor Mingle of the year. We are thrilled to welcome two speakers -- dynamic female leaders -- Sarah Cody and Suzanne McColl. They will help inspire and motivate you. It's time to focus on you and to set your Mindset and Big Goals to get the M.O.S.T. out of 2024! Our Untapped Potential theme of M.O.S.T. stands for Mindset, Objective, Success and Timing! Come find out how they work together to get you where you WANT to be.

Please join us in welcoming Suzanne McColl, licensed Psychotherapist who will help illuminate some of the steps to getting there!


Suzanne specializes in helping professional women resolve Imposter Syndrome and limiting beliefs so they can feel confident, seen and heard. She helps them create self-empowerment which transforms their careers and personal lives. She is passionate about teaching women to

connect with their most aligned selves using her knowledge of the human psyche.

She helps women heal from their past traumas to lead them toward a belief in their self-worth and freedom that follows. She works intensively one on one and also provides education and inspiration through speaking, writing, webinars, online courses and workshops. Suzanne draws on her own experiences of struggling with and resolving her own Imposter Syndrome to lead a more authentic life, as well as over 25 years of providing transformational EMDR psychotherapy for her amazing clients. Suzanne knows that “We are all Worthy.”

Suzanne lives on the Shore in Connecticut, sees her clients remotely and also runs a

psychotherapy center where she supports inspired clinicians to do healing work with clients

struggling with healing from trauma and with having more fulfilled lives. When not working, you will find her outside on the Shore and in the woods with her dog Charlie and enjoying time with friends and her adult children.

Mentors as well as Candidates will be inspired by our speakers to grow to their full potential in 2023!


Following the open discussion, you'll have time to mingle with candidates and mentors alike.

This is your time to learn from our speakers, get new ideas for your own growth, and hear from leaders who speak in corporate spaces. UP is here to remove the barriers to professional development and help you set big goals for your return.

Mentors will be inspired by our speakers to grow to their full potential in 2024!

Reignite 24! Mentor Mingle Event

Thursday, January 25th, 2024

7pm - 8:30pm, EST

Goodwin College, Community Room by the Main entrance

1 Riverside Dr

E. Hartford, CT 06118



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