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Podcasts we LOVE

If you are a busy Mom running in multiple directions, a podcast is a great way to "tune in" to things that can help you on your return-to-work journey and keep abreast of the world of work while you focus on family.

I am big fan of podcasts because you can be doing other things while listening (a Mom is forever multi-tasking) and it is not passive like TV. When listening your brain actively engages to visualize what you hear (so a little skillUP along the way)!

Here are some podcasts we love...

The Happiness Lab by pushkin industries w/Dr Laurie Santos (particularly for the growth mindset)

Reinvent Yourself w/Lesley Jane Seymour

43Percent w/Claudia Reuter

UP First by NPR, a quick way to get your news (plus we like the name!)

Women at Work by HBR w/Amy Bernstein, Amy Gallo, and Emily Caulfield


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