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Path...Is supply chain for you?

You may have heard of disruptions in the global supply chain in the news or have seen empty shelves at your local store. Following the pandemic as well as other issues that have impacted our modern delivery of goods, the field has gotten a lot of press. Some stores went from empty shelves to storing goods in trailers in their parking lots due to overstocks.

In Forbes article by Steve Banker, "Supply Chain Talent Is More Important Than Ever". In the article, Greg Toornma, Vice President of Supply Chain Services at ARC Advisory Group, a leading industry analyst and technology consulting company shared specific talent characteristics that even the author, who regularly covers the supply chain industry found interesting:

“We need people that are adaptable. We need problem solvers, people that can work with data from a data analytics perspective. People that understand things happen, and that if things don't happen exactly the way the process is laid out, they don't just stop. They are entrepreneurs. They figure it out! They fix it!” said Mr. Toornma, CEO AGCO at the Conference

Who does that description sound like? If not entrepreneurs, I'd say it sounds a lot like any Mom facing any given scenario whether kids are in preschool or high school or running a PTO Event. "They don't just stop, they figure it out and fix it!"

Supply chain is a growth field. It is worth learning about it here:

The thought of a career in supply chain may not have crossed your mind, but if you have been managing a household, managing logistics for multi-sourced events like the Holidays or a PTO Gala, have a mind for process, it might be the path for you. Whether it is "Best Career in America" really depends on you, and your vision for success, your strengths and your interests.

To get comfortable with the jargon of the industry check out the Supply Chain Dive website.

It will take time to get comfortable with the jargon of any field that is new to you. In addition to growing confidence in speaking the lingo of the field, you must skill up in the latest tools used for the field.

Start skilling UP in Supply Chain. Get started with this course (LINK). It is only a couple of hours of time investment.


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