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Mock Interviews | Let's focus on YOU

UP holds Mock Interviews for Candidates to provide live, tried and true tips on how to be at your best for your next interview!

UP mentors -- working women (and men) -- meet virtually with candidates for mock interviews. It's an opportunity to practice your elevator pitch in a business-like setting and get tips from encouraging hiring managers and recruiters to get ready for the real thing!

The focus is on YOU!

These mock interviews give you pointers on how to best conduct yourself for an interview -- virtual or in-person -- as well as the importance of you and your credentials. We want to remove the bias of returners! To us, your skills are transferable and never "outdated." Find out how your gap adds to your value and what it can offer in your next career step forward -- not back!

Here's what to look forward to at an UP Mock Interview:

Speed Interviews

Speed Interviews are quick ways to meet several employers in one go. It's also the method we use at our Return-to-Work events in the Fall and the Spring to open candidates and employers to the most opportunity. These quick interviews are great at honing your ability to succinctly state your background and goals. In the mock interview process, you'll learn what you can do to stay engaged in an interview, keeping the focus on you, and making it to the second round!

Learn to craft your story

You are the best person to explain to someone how your community work directly uses skills that are needed in the workforce. A mock interview is a great place to find out how you want to tailor your story, test it out, and receive constructive feedback!

Know the players and make a PITCH!

Get the chance to network with peers and coaches who've been in the game! You'll get information on what to expect from the current workplace environment in a digital world, how employers evaluate your resume, and the jargon necessary -- or unnecessary -- to navigate your place in the work field.

For those wanting to rebrand and pivot, we see and understand the barriers you may have faced. If you believe that caregiving or being out of work may have downsized your professional development or career, we can get you back to where you were and more so, where you’d like to be next!

Invest in yourself and join us!


Date: Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Time: 12pm - 1pm

Location: Join by ZOOM




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