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Mentors and Candidates - Become the Fearless Leader You Want to Be

Going back-to-work can be fearful. Why? Many Moms have been working hard in a different role these past years. When they think of their prior professional caliber, thoughts creep in like self-doubt and uncertainty.

"Was that really me that led those meetings?" "I couldn't do that today" "No one would look at me and see a 'leader', they see me as someone's Mom."

Really, it is the dreaded imposter syndrome. Something those with consistent careers can struggle with too.

Both Untapped Potential Candidates and Mentors benefit from facing those thoughts... fearlessly! We've partnered with Kathy McAfee, Founder of The Fearless Leader Program which offers a key transformational experience that will strengthen your resolve, sharpen your skills, and level you UP!

Kathy McAfee, known as America’s Marketing Motivator, works with organizations to help them build more robust, diverse leadership pipelines, and with individual professionals who want to be known as experts in their fields. Her work inspires those in all stages of their career that seek to advance in leadership.

Find out more at an upcoming information session with Kathy and Fearless Leader Alumni. Prior participants share their experiences (we'll be announcing the winner of this cohort's Untapped Potential Fearless Leader scholarship!).

There will also be an optional 15 minutes of networking at the end.

The showcase is a a free, no obligation, 1 hour event.

Dates for the showcase:

  • Thursday, 8/31 12-1pm EST

  • Wednesday, 9/6 4-5pm EST

You'll hear from these featured speakers on 8/31: Bethany Winston, founder and CEO of Kidding Around Media Company. Don’t be fooled by her soft spoken nature, Bethany has a head for business and is growing an enterprise. Her passion for empowering families with local services and resources, and family-friendly activities pushes her out of her comfort zone and gives her the courage and conviction to be fearless in her marketing endeavors and business expansion investments.

Oriana Bracaglia, the youngest graduate of The Fearless Leader program and one of the most inspirational. Zooming in all the way from Venezuela, Oriana is a human rights activist, campaign leader with Chalk Back, and an award-winning delegate of the Model United Nations conference 2023 at Harvard University. She is currently a college student and has all the makings of a global difference maker.

Valerie Tsosie is a Native Leader. She is a Navajo Caregiver Resources Specialist, keynote speaker, and founder and CEO of the So' Tsoh Foundation. A self-described introvert, Valerie has more energy and ambition than anyone I know. Valerie and Kathy have been collaborating on a Native Scholarship to The Fearless Leader program for cohort #11 and are excited to announce the winner of the prize at the showcase on August 31st. They will also be announcing the Untapped Potential scholarship winner. Hope you can be there live when the announcement is made!

You'll get exposure to The Fearless Leader, a virtual program now registering for its 11th Cohort that runs September 13th - November 10th, 2023.

Mention "Untapped Potential" when registering for either date!


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