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Crafting Your Why

What a pleasure to host Rachel Grace, Chief People Officer of ConcertoCare, at our Me-Time Event: Crafting Your Why.

In the heat of the summer, it was great for stay-at-home Moms seeking to return, pivoters, and those in the 'messy-middle' seeking balance - to take a step back and brainstorm their purpose and passion. Rachel kicked-off the session sharing her zoom background with a quote from Jana Kingsford:

Given that the past year has fundamentally transformed the way of work, there is more opportunity for women with a passion for family as well as their professional to achieve "work-life success". Rachel's background statement put the power of achieving that critical balance within our control.

Rachel, a learner and a motivator, brings her Why to serve people to develop their purpose, with passion to yield their potential. It was so valuable to hear the story of her recent pivot and the influence of her parents on her move.

We were asked us to consider a quote from a mentor, Myles Monroe, which highlights the importance of visualizing and thinking through your why... "Purpose is the intent for the creation of a thing." What will you create?

Rachel was able to underscore the tie between finding our why and realizing our professional goals in a way that deeply complements those personal ones. For those of us who have been forced to step back or opt-out for the elusive goal of work-life balance, re-framing the problem as a solution of our own making was transformative.

How to uncover your why?

One of the tools Rachel shared as helpful in uncovering who we are and what is important to us--is to make a vision board. This can be done by thumbing through old magazines and cutting out images that speak to you, or searching for them digitally on the internet and compiling them in a file. No matter the method, you'll end up with a visual record of who you are at this moment, and the hopes, dreams, and things you identify with deeply. The act of compiling a vision board gets you closer to realizing it. You are visually creating your intentions. There was so much that resonated in the hour session.

Action: Compile a vision board around your purpose and what you want out of your next phase career. Create a digital file of it, (if you use the magazine method, take a photo) and as Rachel had done, make it your motivating screensaver!

We could see everyone's wheels turning as they reflected on their life paths and purpose. Many shared their own journey with hope and vulnerability. Thank you to all participants.

And, thank you Rachel for inspiring us with your own story and generously sharing how even the non-linear work story can get us where we most want to be!

Create your vision and celebrate along the way! - Rachel Grace

Rachel left us with her "hope" for our own success in wrapping our whole selves to deliver on our purpose with passion. Her final advice: "create your vision & celebrate along your journey”.

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