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Coffee | Informational Interviews

Our last coffee focused on YOUR go-to-market strategy using the Market Attack Plan 4U (MAP4u) Framework that leverages existing business tools for launching new ideas.

This skillUP Seminar takes the Market Attack Plan for “YOU”, "you" being a Product or Service Offering the workplace needs, goes one step further in leveraging the MAP4U Framework.

Untapped Potential's Founder, Candace Freedenberg, will walk through a real use-case by applying the Framework for a professional in transition. You'll glean how each important box in the Framework may apply to your scenario.

In addition to walking away with a clear game plan for your own go-to-market strategy, we'll digdeep on the "Informational Interview". This is critical for you to learn what the workplace needs, how to tailor your skills and experiences to your audience and grow your network. That part is critical because we all know that 80% of jobs you want do not come from the Job Board but from your network. The Informational Interview is a kin to the "Customer Discovery" exercises that are the focus of Steve Blank's Lean Launch Process.

In this skillUP Seminar, you’ll learn:

  • How to ask open questions v. leading questions

  • How to target and motivate yourself towards warm connections

  • How to grow your network that leads to your perfect role.

Grab a Coffee and join us to build your skills and grow your network!

Thursday , August 11th

10am - 11am EST



Photo Credit: grasshopper herder


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