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An office tool that never...dies

Many of today's office tools we learn about in our skillUP Tech 101 remind us how important understanding the basics of Excel is. Learn why it is such a good idea to brush up on excel and how it will be worth your time by reading more...

Excel may be the most influential software ever built. It gave its users with computational superpowers normally reserved for professional software engineers. Armed with those superpowers, users can create fully functional software programs in the form of a humble spreadsheet to solve problems in a seemingly limitless number of domains (marketing, finance, manufacturing, even sports!)

History of Excel (video) provides a great overview of Excel's past, present and future.

If you are returning and want to skillUP in this essential tool, check out these courses that meet you where you are in Microsoft Excel... I am a/an...

Being confident in the basic tools still used today will make sure you can grasp new varients when you return-to-work today.


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