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Perfect your ‘Networking Speech'

Just in time for our LNO/Mentor Mingle, “Untap YOUR Potential”!

My friend and colleague, Bridget Brown, shared with me the secret of answering the question, “What do you do?” in her class Perfecting Your Networking Speech. (We usually call it an elevator pitch.)

Her method works equally well whether you are launching a venture or returning to a professional path.

This is a great opportunity to look at it from a fresh perspective. Her technique is:

  • Quick

  • Easy

  • Engaging

  • Flexible


AND, cuts straight to the root of who you are and the problems you can solve for people.

In this free, live online class, Bridget will share this memorable technique!

Don’t miss this opportunity to brush up on your Networking Skills prior to Thursday!

Monday, July 30th at noon, EST

Wednesday Aug1st at 6:00 pm EST


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