Our Partners have Pledged to support Untapped Potential’s mission towards gender-equity and diversity in the workplace.   
Nathan Accounting Group
Ankeny Consulting LLC

“Kimberly had right skills for the Robotic Assisted Instruction Specialist role that requires both tech savvy skills and the ability to work with compassion. Weeks into her new role, she appeared in Fast Company! Movia is a small business in the tech sector, Untapped Potential’s ability to supply skilled resources in a flexible way aligns with our growth needs. Based on her performance, we decided to renew the Flex-Return Engagement.

It's and advantage that Untapped Potential ‘vets’ the talent for a good fit.   It is important that a person taking on this role is very responsible and because they are ‘customer facing’ we need our Robotic Assistive Instructors to represent Movia in the best light.”

- Timothy Gifford, CTO, Movia Robotics -

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