December 4, 2019

Is Franchising the right path for you?

While you are managing your family, flexibility is key.

Franchising is one way to 'be your own boss' yet leverage those that have gone before you in setting up the business structure, grown the goodwill of the brand name, etc. Women are participating now more than ever. 

The growth in this is one more reflection of women expanding their presence in the business world. Stat: woman-owned franchise outlet growth of 24% over a decade ago, with women now owning 35% of U.S. franchises.

Women flock to franchising - Wit...

November 22, 2019

If you want to return-to-work leveraging modern technology, flexible life style and be in command of your own destiny, consider entrepreneurship.

November 18, 2019

Join Untapped Potential at an event focused on the discussion of work-life balance which today may be called work/life blend...

It is a critical topic when contemplating your return-to-work aspirations. How much time will you carve out for your professional engagement? Who is going to pick up the slack with family responsibilities?

This Event, sponsored by the Women's Leadership Center at the University of Saint Joseph and made possible by the generous support of The Hartford, invites local business leaders to share their viewpoint.

With opening wit...

November 7, 2019

Moderated by UP's Founder, Candace Freedenberg, our 4th Annual Panel highlights women at various points of their Career-Life Cycle!  Join those that have 'been there'... 

Our panelists will share their juggle, career pivots or their back-to-work journey.

  • In the "Juggle"  - Karen Buell, VP Operations at Payveris

  • Launched after Flexreturn™ - Jill Wallace, Client Relationship at Metrum Research Group

  • Finding Peace in the Pace - Yogis Nijhon, VP Portfolio Development at Munich Re Ventures

  • "Been There"  - Kristina DiMartino,...

November 4, 2019

"Untapped Potential gave me the support and encouragement I needed to re-enter the workforce. The FlexreturnTM eliminated the gap on my resume and gave me the opportunity to gain more experience in my field. Events such as the Speed Interview, Mentor Mingle and Skill-Up provided great opportunities to network, practice interview skills and overall just boosted my confidence!" Leslie C., Membership Manager, Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art

See more success stories!   

Learn how you can become a Candidate or Business Partner

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Join Us! Bring a friend! 

Learn from others who have gone before you.

Lift Each Other UP, a Ladies Night Out (LNO), Mentor Mingle and Panel Discussion.

Our panel shares the journey of those at various points in the opt-out/opt-in continuum.

Let's navigate this together!

Thursday, November 14th, 2019

7pm to 9pm

October 16, 2019

Don't miss CCAT's next workshop on Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing, on Wed., Nov. 6 from 12:00 - 1:00 pm. Hosted by Selective Additive Technologies and BigRep.


September 4, 2019

Meet with working women (and men)… "UP Mentors" for mock interviews. You’ll have an opportunity to practice your elevator pitch in a business-like setting. 10:00-11:30am Hartford City Place Lobby, Hartford, CT. $25        Go to and register today!


September 3, 2019

Need a little help navigating your opt-out/opt-in journey? Eager to get 'out there' to network professionally? Seeking work/life balance? This event is for you.

Excited to have Gina Johnson as our featured speaker. Gina will guide you in discovering your “secret sauce” to help you stand out at our speed interviews!

Join Us for our next Mentor Mingle! 

This is a great opportunity share your professional aspirations with others ‘in industry’. 

Untapped Potential offers professional women a community of support to re-engage you professionally throu...

August 26, 2019

Today, August 26th, in recognition of Women’s Equality Day, we want to highlight the pioneering companies that have Pledged to support Untapped Potential’s Social Mission.  Our FlexreturnTM impacts gender equity in the workplace for returners, our next-generation's caregivers. They pledge to measure our Candidates by their skills and experience and not discount them for years of caregiving.

See our  Pledging Partner Page.   

Join them by pledging now!

May 31, 2019

Don't miss this great event by Upward Citizens Power of CT (POC), Tues., June 4th from 6-8PM. Every SHE who means business knows the hustle between work and everyday life. You're constantly rotating through the roles of entrepreneur, influencer, mother, innovator, girlfriend, CEO, sister, leader, wife, daughter and boss lady - but have you found the most sustainable way to balance it all?


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