Our Prepare To Launch Program

Curated to meet the needs of our Mom’s considering a return-to-work, Untapped Potential has partnered with our experienced coaches that bring over 20 years of experience helping professional women return to financially and personally rewarding work after having taken time off to care for family.  After as successful PILOT in 2016,  UP is offering Prepare To Launch with this expanded program:


Our Candidate interviews have shown that a critical barrier to launching at YOUR Potential is the lack of confidence that naturally  comes from being out of the game for an extended period. In addition to developing clarity around your objectives and revisiting your skill strengths our Launch with Confidence version of our successful Prepare To Launch PILOT folds confidence building throughout the process and gives you an opportunity to exercise your developed skills in UP’s Networking / Interviewing Event! 

Launch with Confidence in 2017 

Kick-off is 7pm on January 18th.

The experts at Prepare to Launch know that: 


  •  a resume gap is not a career-killer.

  •  employers do hire women who have been out of the workforce AND these women perform at the same rate (or better) than their colleagues.

  •  most women, even the most accomplished, need guidance to prepare for workplace re-entry.

Learn more about the Prepare to Launch Coaches...

This career readiness program offers a terrific mix of Personalized Sessions and Small Group Seminars to yield an individualized program with the beneficial participation from peer support. You’ll benefit from over 15 hours of our expert coaches' time with events crafted specifically to Preparing YOU to Launch! It is a cost-effective way to approach this important work. 

Personalized Coaching Sessions


These Personalized Sessions include two 1:1 Coaching Sessions are scheduled  with respective Coaches between January 26th and February 8th. The Resume Workshop is scheduled for February 10th. These Personalized Sessions are exclusive to full course participants. 

Are YOU ready to launch,

let our professionals prepare you...

Personalized Sessions




Through this 1:1 you will  explore  a vision of your "professional self".  Focusing on leadership and confidence, the session will  help you uncover obstacles  and acquire tools to navigate around them.  You’ll add to work-life balance roadmap and exit with concrete tasks to accomplish.




With executive  1:1 coaching guidance you will inventory your professional and transferable skills, identify career matches, and define your personal brand.  You’ll work to  by craft your targeted elevator pitch.   Lastly, you’ll hone in on what skills you need to ramp up as next steps. 




Following a brief discussion on resume types, formats and mediums, you will create your own 21st century market-ready resume using a template provided.  In this hands on session, with an experienced resume writer’s support, you’ll incorporate conclusions from previous sessions.   

Group Seminars

These seminar style sessions take place at a private space: Canton Gateway, 50 Albany Turnpike (Building #5, 2nd Floor), Canton, CT.    

Jan 18, 2017

Wednesday at 7pm

Kick-Off Seminar: Reclaim

We’ve learned to be a successful returner, you need to “Know Who YOU Are…NOW”. With the help of our moderators, you will dig deep to begin clarifying where you are now and where you want to go. This session will touch on all aspects of the program giving participants an overview of what to expect throughout.

Feb 03, 2017

Friday at 10:00am

Work-Life Balance Seminar

Coach Kelley Biskupiak will help you “Manage the Juggle to Relaunch”.   Through discussion and reflection, you'll develop a Plan Document for daily tasks with priorities.  You’ll have an action plan for recruiting support or letting go of certain items.  You’ll build your ’return team’  and gain confidence  that you are well-supported in your return-to-work journey. 


Feb 08, 2017

Wednesday at 7pm

Interview Confidence Seminar

Susan Rietano Davey will ensure you have the “Confidence to Make A Winning Impression”. Leveraging her twenty years of experience helping professional women bring out the best in themselves, this session will focus on you. You’ll receive and overview current interview styles and potential traps. Through instruction, demonstration and role-play, you will learn the essentials of effective and successful interviewing. You’ll be confident to make the ‘close’.

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The Prepare to Launch program is a crash course in workplace readiness that will truly pay off.

If you are a high caliber professional who is ready to explore the prospect of career re-entry this is for you!  

You will emerge well prepared to apply for an Untapped Potential Flex-Return (mid-career internship).  As a course participant you are invited to attend UP’s exclusive Networking/Interview Event, where you along with other Flex-Return Applicants will meet directly with hiring companies.  Your fee for this unique event is included in the Course Fee.   This opportunity is invaluable. 


Are you ready to launch? Let our coaches prepare you. 


Pay in Full  $825 now.   Or Reserve Your Spot for $50:                        Balance due after kick-off.

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