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Skill UP Seminar is intended to re-focus your career search efforts. This session will focus on the task ahead in away that brings to market "you" as the product or offering.  We'll leverage key 'go-to-market' tools and delve into Steve Blank's Lean Launch Pad (   This method has gained traction for launching entrepreneurial ventures.   An overview of the tools and processes will be presented (we'll really just scratch the surface!). These simplified tools can easily be applied to launching YOU in your ideal career.  

                                                                                                                                              Session duration 1.5 hrs  Fee $125.

This career readiness program offers a terrific mix of Personalized Sessions and Small Group Seminars to yield an individualized program with the beneficial participation from peer support. You’ll benefit from over 15 hours of our expert coaches' time with events crafted specifically for you to launch with confidence! It is a cost-effective way to approach this important work.  Includes a spot at our Client/Candidate Interview Event! Priceless!  

Session(s) duration: 15 hours. Session Price: $825.

1:1 Session Vision: Design Your Roadmap Part I

This session one-on-one coaching session will help you begin to develop your vision of your professional self. Through the season, you’ll uncover your objectives for returning to work, create a work-life balance mindset roadmap, identify obstacles and acquire tools to navigate around them. It focuses on the whole candidate using assessments, discussion, and reflection to clarify big-picture goals and long term vision. Confidence and self-awareness assessments, life-balance discussion, vision and goals. Appointment set up at a mutually agreeable time.                                                                                                                   

                                                                                                                   Session duration: 1.5 hours.  Session price:  $150.

1:1 Session Transferrable Skills: Design Your Roadmap Part II

This one-on-one coaching session focuses on you as professional using exercises and discussion to fine-tune, validate and refine your career goals. It includes resume analysis, as well review of professional skills and experience, and detailed discussion of unpaid/volunteer work. Through the session, you’ll perform exercises to determine which work tasks are your sweet-spot. You will inventory your professional and transferable skills, identify career matches, and define your personal brand. You’ll work to craft your targeted elevator pitch.   Lastly, you’ll hone in on what skills you need to skillUP as next steps. Appointment setup at mutually agreeable time.                                                                   


 Session duration: 1.5 hours.  Session price:  $150.

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Through our community of support leveraging peers, mentors and our coaches, you’ll craft the right mix of professional and personal/family life integration that works for you.  And likely, much quicker than you will on your own.  We all only go through this life once, let’s navigate it together!

Traci S.

Untapped Potential offers a unique opportunity for women to empower other women.  Working with Kelley has given me the strong sense of support I need to begin the next chapter in my life. 

Untapped Potential prepared me for launching my ’second-stage career’.  Susan quickly captured who I am.  She articulated my sentences with ease and professionalism. It was as if she had a magic wand to instantly tie my words together..

Maha M.

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