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Untapped Potential

Unleashing the human capital of top female talent for work-life success!


Providing low-risk access to high-value talent that is unavailable elsewhere. Businesses benefit from eager professionals at a fraction of market price. Engaging UP’s talent is the best way to grow your pipeline for women in senior roles!  Learn more...

data analysis, flexible work, returnship programs

“Kimberly had right skills for the Robotic Assisted Instruction Specialist role that requires one to be tech savvy as well as the ability to work with compassion. Weeks into her new role, she appeared in Fast Company! As Movia is an entrepreneurial venture the tech sector, UP’s ability to supply skilled resources in a flexible way aligns with our growth needs.

 We have hosted 3 Flex-Return Engagements.

- Timothy Gifford, CEO, Movia Robotics -  



Capturing and preparing educated and experienced talent who have “opted-out” of the traditional workforce for caregiving or other drivers. Offering women community, mentoring and flexible work experiences during their 'gap years.' Creating a talent pool that businesses want and need!  Learn more...


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We’re a social enterprise impacting the wage gap or the "motherhood penalty” by returning women to our economic pipeline - one mother at a time.
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